24. huhtikuuta 2016


  No idea where it came from. Poorly slept nights or some super early spring allergies? Who knows but my head has been hazy as hell. Eventually it got to a point where it was difficult to even manage such a simple thing as talking to people. Not fun when you need to, for example, serve customers... But a little game night with friends gave my brain its long needed break. It's amazing to have people around with whom you can just be your own awkward, embarrassing and silly self. Those kind of creatures are rare and I'm lucky to have a few as my friends. :)

  Tonight's goal, though, is to go to bed before ten and hopefully that will help with my head. Don't know if I'm becoming a granny 'cause my ultimate sleeping routine seems to be from 8pm to 7am. Or even 6am! Neat. But days do feel longer when you wake up early so guess that's only a good thing. ^^ I'm rambling, good night!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Ihana tunnelma näissä kuvissa ♥

  2. Ah olispa munkin unirytmi toi kasista seiskaan! Ois tosi hyvä. Koska tällä hetkellä mun unirytmi on nukkumaan klo 24 ja pakolla töihin herääminen klo 7 ja kun viikonloppu koittaa niin mukavat 12 h unet kahtena yönä, not good :D


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