19. huhtikuuta 2016


  I survived last week! Just needed a full day Netflix marathon on Sunday and now I'm packed with energy again. :) Started this week with spring cleaning and putting together my spring/summer wardrobe. Keywords for this summer's style are natural, soft and relax. There's a lot of stripes and blues, which is odd since I've always thought those are basically symbolising boredom, especially together... But this year I've kinda realized how they can be used without going too "sailor chic" and how to keep it relax and earthy, the way I like it.

  Seems that I've now found my true summer style. And I love that I now also have a colour scheme so everything will go together. In recent years I've just bought pieces I like without really thinking about the big picture. There's nothing as frustrating as having a lot of clothes but nothing to wear since nothing really goes together. But anyway, I still need to get a couple of dresses, maybe a pair of shorts or a skirt, then my wardrobe is complete. ^^ Can't wait for summer! Hope it will be hot as hell. ♥

2 kommenttia:

  1. I'm so excited to start using my spring/summer wardrobe! Just waiting for a bit warmer weather. ;) x

    1. Oh, can't wait either! But it snowed here today so... damn. :D


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