26. huhtikuuta 2016


  I've been missing these days! These days when you can keep hair down without it immediately turning into a flat and frizzy mess. Or my mane will always be frizzy in a way but you know, now it's in somehow controllable state. I washed and braided it before bed and I like the kind of "sheepdog" finish. And this hair in the pics had already been outside for several hours in extremely rainy and windy weather. So, I'm impressed. ^^

  And.... How perfect are these curls for beaching? Like "surfer girl goes to Coachella and next day wakes up in a van with a hangover and somehow still manages to look cool" -curls. Love it! :3

6 kommenttia:

  1. oon lievästi ilmaistuna kateellinen

  2. Itselle tuli vastaavanlaiset kutrit permanentin jälkeen ja olen ihan superhappy ! Kauniit ovat sinulla!

    1. Kiitos ja jee! Mullakin on ollut joskus permis ja tykkäsin kyllä kanssa tosi paljon. ^^ Toivottavasti kestävät ja saat nauttia niistä mahollisimman pitkään!


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