6. huhtikuuta 2016


  Somehow this feels just so absurd. We've been working for this for a couple of months now and... we are nearly there. On next Saturday our studio will open its doors, officially. Even though we have already been doing some stuff in there, the opening still feels like the "real" beginning. Oh, and if you happen to feel like popping by on Saturday, feel free! You can find more info about that on our Facebook page. ;)

  This is what I've been doing lately besides working. It has been such a fun project with fun people. :) And hey! Encouraged by a reader I decided to leave my Finnish translations from my posts, at least for now. Hope you don't mind. :) This does save me some time and for some reason it has become a bit weird for me to write in Finnish after writing in English... Don't know but anyway, now I need to get some sleep... Although I'm not sure if I can actually get any after three coffees. :D But I'll have a try, bye.

5 kommenttia:

  1. Siis apua, vaikka oon tässä jonkin aikaa seuraillut sua blogin puolella ja Hyvinkääläisenä Studio Aseman syntyä, ni oon onnistunut jotenkin kokonaan sivuuttamaan sen, että sä olet osa kyseistä studiota, coolii!

    1. Haha! :D Aika hauska. Mut joo, siellähän minä. ;3

  2. Ei hitsi, onpa mahtavaa!! :)

  3. Ei hitsi, onpa mahtavaa!! :)


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