10. toukokuuta 2016


  Me not being a mother didn't stop me from having an amazing Mother's Day. We got to enjoy a beautiful sunny day at the Tuusula's Derby and we also got to enjoy it in the gracious shade of the VIP tent. What would be better than a glass of wine served with heavenly coctail treats, beautiful weather, beautiful horses and the thrill of a competition. Well, at least for me, nothing!

  After spending my day outside I crawled into the shadows of my parents' living room and we had a movie night with my mom. Couldn't recommend "Imitation Game" more. It is an amazing movie and I had to show it to my mom since she also is a fan of that kind of drama. And Cumberbatch's voice... ;) My mom had cooked for us too and yeah... gotta say that I had a fantastic day! Except for a little family drama which gladly ended up fine and everyone's O.K. ^^ How was your weekend? What did you get for your mom? I was a bad child and didn't get windflowers that I normally do. But I did get pastries! :D

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