6. toukokuuta 2016


  Hello guys, what's up? First of all, I need to say thank you to all of you who answered the questions on my last post. It was very helpful and I truly appreciate that you helped me with this one, cheers! All your comments and wishes are now taken into consideration. Well, let's just say that you didn't ask anything I wouldn't be happy to do, so... ;)

  This week has been a crazy summer shopping week! Or it has lasted for a couple of weeks now, let's be honest, but it all culminated in this particular week. I have now kinda developed a shopping rhythm for my self: buy everything you need for the up coming season all at once in spring and fall, avoid heavy shopping in between. And I think it's a good idea because you save money by avoiding multiple minor shopping trips and you can decide the whole nature of your wardrobe for the season.

  One purchase I'm very excited about are these Tory Burch platform espadrilles. Espadrilles are such a classic, but didn't feel like getting the more traditional model. So I was thrilled to find these from The Outnet! They are relax but classy at the same time, love them! Also got something else pretty amazing but you'll see it a bit later. ;)

  Oh my, there's been a lot going on lately. Like... blog plans, studies (yes, still!), studio, other pretty cool plans, more pretty cool plans and a lot of personal little things that need attention too. My brain is buzzing for a change (...) but not in a bad way. Actually feel like I'm too stoked about everything. :3

  And in the middle of all these things I created an Instagram account for our sausages. :'D Priorities, right? But we thought with Iiro that it would be fun to do so. So, if you are interested in the daily lifes of our doxies you can find them @TheWienerBabies. :D Okay but now I'll just keep working on my blog project so I can get it out at some point. I think it's going to be so nice. ^^ See you again on next Tuesday. Bye!

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