14. toukokuuta 2016


  Morning! Yesterday we headed to Helsinki with one of my fellow students. We went to see this W16 Kajo fashion show at Kaapelitehdas. It was basically the graduates of HAMK presenting their final lines and we kinda went to "check out the competition", you know. ;) And of course just for fun. It is also always important to know what's happening in your field. It'll give you inspiration, ideas and fortunately in some cases, hope. Before the show we had a couple coffees and lots of talk and after the show it was time to sit down for a quick supper.

  It was late when we parted and you don't believe how ready I was to go home... and to bed. Took a train, which was apparently a wrong one, and got kicked out haha! That meant one hour more time to hang out at a train station. Cool. Friday 13th or what? Now isn't Friday 13th, but it sure feels like it. You know why? I woke up, walked into our kitchen and noticed a huge empty spot right there where our coffeemaker should be. :D I'm dying inside. Thank you Iiro for leaving me some in that thermos on the kitchen counter, though... not. If you don't hear from me again I'm propably in prison for murdering a coffeemaker stealing monster. It was self-defence. I'm gradually starting to believe that coffee addiction might be a real thing... ^^

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  1. Pikku huomio, W16 Kajon suunnittelijat eivät ole tänä vuonna valmistuvia. Toki joukossa oli muutama valmistuvia, mutta suurimmalla osalla on vielä 1-2 vuotta jäljellä.


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