21. syyskuuta 2016


  Now, this is a really hard place for me. This blog has been part of my life for years. And I really do feel ridiculously emotional about this. I love taking pictures, I love organizing them and telling stories through them. It is something I enjoy very, very much. Like I said, I was trying to create this super awesome blog that would be cool looking, fun and had everything I'd want from a blog. But something just didn't feel right. No matter what I tried to do with it something was off. Therefore I've decided to try directing my energy to somewhere else. I'm curious to try something new for a change. So I'll just drop the bottom of everything by deleting the only thing I've always been certain of... Logical indeed.

  This summer was good to me. While I was taking a break basically from all social media I had time to concentrate on other things. For example, as the pictures might already suggest, we went to London. London has always been very special to me and it was amazing to actually just fully experience. Our hotel was btw very lovely indeed. So charming, traditional English style hotel in South Kensington. Name was Cranley. And we totally took advantage of room service! :D It was a perfect vacation.

  And now I feel regret again... It's so fun to write to you! I'll never say never of course. :) But because I love blogging so much I've now turned my Instagram into a "mini blog." ;) Then I'll be on Twitter, Snapchat (iuotilasnaps) and my brand new YouTube channel as well. So I won't disappear! Although I don't expect that, it would be super nice to hear from you on these other platforms. :)

  So, now as the summer fades away and the fall is getting more and more present every day, it is time to say bye bye (still can't actually write "goodbye" because it feels too definite haha!). But I really hope to see you around. This was so much fun, you guys! ^^ ♥ You've always been so kind to me and supportive and I'll miss all this a hell of a lot. :)

OK then, bye.

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