21. syyskuuta 2016


  Now, this is a really hard place for me. This blog has been part of my life for years. And I really do feel ridiculously emotional about this. I love taking pictures, I love organizing them and telling stories through them. It is something I enjoy very, very much. Like I said, I was trying to create this super awesome blog that would be cool looking, fun and had everything I'd want from a blog. But something just didn't feel right. No matter what I tried to do with it something was off. Therefore I've decided to try directing my energy to somewhere else. I'm curious to try something new for a change. So I'll just drop the bottom of everything by deleting the only thing I've always been certain of... Logical indeed.

  This summer was good to me. While I was taking a break basically from all social media I had time to concentrate on other things. For example, as the pictures might already suggest, we went to London. London has always been very special to me and it was amazing to actually just fully experience. Our hotel was btw very lovely indeed. So charming, traditional English style hotel in South Kensington. Name was Cranley. And we totally took advantage of room service! :D It was a perfect vacation.

  And now I feel regret again... It's so fun to write to you! I'll never say never of course. :) But because I love blogging so much I've now turned my Instagram into a "mini blog." ;) Then I'll be on Twitter, Snapchat (iuotilasnaps) and my brand new YouTube channel as well. So I won't disappear! Although I don't expect that, it would be super nice to hear from you on these other platforms. :)

  So, now as the summer fades away and the fall is getting more and more present every day, it is time to say bye bye (still can't actually write "goodbye" because it feels too definite haha!). But I really hope to see you around. This was so much fun, you guys! ^^ ♥ You've always been so kind to me and supportive and I'll miss all this a hell of a lot. :)

OK then, bye.

31. toukokuuta 2016


  Hello, my friends. Like I promised I'm writing you now after a small break. Let's have a little catch up, shall we. So last time I mentioned briefly about the thing that had something to do with my family and a hospital. Gladly everything seems to be ok now. :) The stress, and propably allergies too, got to me and I've been sick over a week now. Feeling almost normal today, though! But laying on the divan doing nothing for days and days has been good to me. I've really been able to think things through. You know when you don't really let yourself "waste" your time on thinking and planning because you could do something "more useful"? There are good sides to not being capable of doing something concrete. And pauses like these make you eager to do things again 'cause you can.

  My blog is now in this odd "limbo" state. :D That word propably describes it the best. Because I'm working on the future blog this blog kinda just, I don't know, lingers. There are some posts for example that I'm kinda saving for the new blog and so on. Oh, soon, can't wait! ^^ But I think it's better to keep this blog resting for now until I get everything ready. Feels a bit silly to update something just for sake of updating, right? So a little more silence here, if you don't mind. Not that many of you would sit in front of your computers anyway since the weather is that  amazing. ;) But stay tuned! Can't wait to be back. :)

17. toukokuuta 2016


  I've been editing my S/S 16 haul video and here's a little sneak peek of my favourite outfit. The video will be out tomorrow. :) I'm glad that this time I really thought through what I needed and how I wanted my summer look to be like. Colours are mainly blues, whites and light shades of brown and I really love how everything goes together. ^^ To be honest I never thought it would be possible for me to find my own style. I've always known what I like, I've always known what kind of vibe I want, but somehow still found it incredibly hard to find a way to combine it all. I wanted to be classy but not stiff, I wanted to be earthy but not too all over the place. And now I've found the perfect "crossroads" for me. :)

  But now, just so you know, I am sadly forced to have a little break. There are some annoyingly difficult things happening in my personal life and I am quite upset about it. Let's just say that it includes my family and a hospital. That's all I'm gonna say about it now. Then there's this other thing called "studies". I have two weeks to wrap things up as thoroughly as possible and I really need all the time I can get. So, the next post will be up on 31st. Unless of course I happen to have time and something to write about before that! See you soon. :)

14. toukokuuta 2016


  Morning! Yesterday we headed to Helsinki with one of my fellow students. We went to see this W16 Kajo fashion show at Kaapelitehdas. It was basically the graduates of HAMK presenting their final lines and we kinda went to "check out the competition", you know. ;) And of course just for fun. It is also always important to know what's happening in your field. It'll give you inspiration, ideas and fortunately in some cases, hope. Before the show we had a couple coffees and lots of talk and after the show it was time to sit down for a quick supper.

  It was late when we parted and you don't believe how ready I was to go home... and to bed. Took a train, which was apparently a wrong one, and got kicked out haha! That meant one hour more time to hang out at a train station. Cool. Friday 13th or what? Now isn't Friday 13th, but it sure feels like it. You know why? I woke up, walked into our kitchen and noticed a huge empty spot right there where our coffeemaker should be. :D I'm dying inside. Thank you Iiro for leaving me some in that thermos on the kitchen counter, though... not. If you don't hear from me again I'm propably in prison for murdering a coffeemaker stealing monster. It was self-defence. I'm gradually starting to believe that coffee addiction might be a real thing... ^^

10. toukokuuta 2016


  Me not being a mother didn't stop me from having an amazing Mother's Day. We got to enjoy a beautiful sunny day at the Tuusula's Derby and we also got to enjoy it in the gracious shade of the VIP tent. What would be better than a glass of wine served with heavenly coctail treats, beautiful weather, beautiful horses and the thrill of a competition. Well, at least for me, nothing!

  After spending my day outside I crawled into the shadows of my parents' living room and we had a movie night with my mom. Couldn't recommend "Imitation Game" more. It is an amazing movie and I had to show it to my mom since she also is a fan of that kind of drama. And Cumberbatch's voice... ;) My mom had cooked for us too and yeah... gotta say that I had a fantastic day! Except for a little family drama which gladly ended up fine and everyone's O.K. ^^ How was your weekend? What did you get for your mom? I was a bad child and didn't get windflowers that I normally do. But I did get pastries! :D

6. toukokuuta 2016


  Hello guys, what's up? First of all, I need to say thank you to all of you who answered the questions on my last post. It was very helpful and I truly appreciate that you helped me with this one, cheers! All your comments and wishes are now taken into consideration. Well, let's just say that you didn't ask anything I wouldn't be happy to do, so... ;)

  This week has been a crazy summer shopping week! Or it has lasted for a couple of weeks now, let's be honest, but it all culminated in this particular week. I have now kinda developed a shopping rhythm for my self: buy everything you need for the up coming season all at once in spring and fall, avoid heavy shopping in between. And I think it's a good idea because you save money by avoiding multiple minor shopping trips and you can decide the whole nature of your wardrobe for the season.

  One purchase I'm very excited about are these Tory Burch platform espadrilles. Espadrilles are such a classic, but didn't feel like getting the more traditional model. So I was thrilled to find these from The Outnet! They are relax but classy at the same time, love them! Also got something else pretty amazing but you'll see it a bit later. ;)

  Oh my, there's been a lot going on lately. Like... blog plans, studies (yes, still!), studio, other pretty cool plans, more pretty cool plans and a lot of personal little things that need attention too. My brain is buzzing for a change (...) but not in a bad way. Actually feel like I'm too stoked about everything. :3

  And in the middle of all these things I created an Instagram account for our sausages. :'D Priorities, right? But we thought with Iiro that it would be fun to do so. So, if you are interested in the daily lifes of our doxies you can find them @TheWienerBabies. :D Okay but now I'll just keep working on my blog project so I can get it out at some point. I think it's going to be so nice. ^^ See you again on next Tuesday. Bye!

29. huhtikuuta 2016


  Somewhere in the relatively near future my blog is going to undergo some big changes. I am taking my time with this one, though, because I want the outcome to be something that I personally love. As you might remember I did talk about my blogging goals at some point. And now it's finally time for some action! So, my friends, I'd love to hear what you especially like about my blog. What are your favourite kind of posts? Is there something you'd like me to do more often? Why do you come here? I sincerely want to hear what you have to say so I can create a place where we can all enjoy ourselves. :)

26. huhtikuuta 2016


  I've been missing these days! These days when you can keep hair down without it immediately turning into a flat and frizzy mess. Or my mane will always be frizzy in a way but you know, now it's in somehow controllable state. I washed and braided it before bed and I like the kind of "sheepdog" finish. And this hair in the pics had already been outside for several hours in extremely rainy and windy weather. So, I'm impressed. ^^

  And.... How perfect are these curls for beaching? Like "surfer girl goes to Coachella and next day wakes up in a van with a hangover and somehow still manages to look cool" -curls. Love it! :3

24. huhtikuuta 2016


  No idea where it came from. Poorly slept nights or some super early spring allergies? Who knows but my head has been hazy as hell. Eventually it got to a point where it was difficult to even manage such a simple thing as talking to people. Not fun when you need to, for example, serve customers... But a little game night with friends gave my brain its long needed break. It's amazing to have people around with whom you can just be your own awkward, embarrassing and silly self. Those kind of creatures are rare and I'm lucky to have a few as my friends. :)

  Tonight's goal, though, is to go to bed before ten and hopefully that will help with my head. Don't know if I'm becoming a granny 'cause my ultimate sleeping routine seems to be from 8pm to 7am. Or even 6am! Neat. But days do feel longer when you wake up early so guess that's only a good thing. ^^ I'm rambling, good night!

19. huhtikuuta 2016


  I survived last week! Just needed a full day Netflix marathon on Sunday and now I'm packed with energy again. :) Started this week with spring cleaning and putting together my spring/summer wardrobe. Keywords for this summer's style are natural, soft and relax. There's a lot of stripes and blues, which is odd since I've always thought those are basically symbolising boredom, especially together... But this year I've kinda realized how they can be used without going too "sailor chic" and how to keep it relax and earthy, the way I like it.

  Seems that I've now found my true summer style. And I love that I now also have a colour scheme so everything will go together. In recent years I've just bought pieces I like without really thinking about the big picture. There's nothing as frustrating as having a lot of clothes but nothing to wear since nothing really goes together. But anyway, I still need to get a couple of dresses, maybe a pair of shorts or a skirt, then my wardrobe is complete. ^^ Can't wait for summer! Hope it will be hot as hell. ♥

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